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Ole Hyvä – Genuinely Ecological Products made in Finland

You are part of Nature and Nature is part of You. Clean air, water and a healthy ecosystem are crucial to us all. Nature is a haven in our everyday life that calms us, envigorates us and boosts us with new vitality. When we take good care of Nature, we take good care of ourselves.

It is good for both us humans and Nature to minimise the chemical burden caused by everyday life in all ways possible. Its also good to remember moderation in everything.

In Ole Hyvä Luonnontuote Oy our operation is based on moderation, locality, the preservation of the diversity of Nature and Vegan values. We take all these factors into consideration in what we do.


The natural ingredients of Ole Hyvä – detergents clean both Your Home and Your Body with effectiveness and gentle care. The high quality ingredients of our detergents are 100% plant based, totally biodegradable, Nature friendly and Vegan. Their pleasant scents – i.e. the envigorating citrus, the pitchy pine forest or the enchanting wild rose – originate from genuine etheric oils and are mild, not overwhelming.

A minimum amount of concentrated, pure and simple ingredients are used to make our detergents. Multi chemical oversensitivity is a term we wish will one day be an unnecessary extra in the vocabulary of the whole World.

We think all should be able to afford ecological products. This is why our products are also kind to Your purse.


The ingredients we use are Ecocert certified. We use ecoelectricity produced with wind mills. This is why our products bear an Ecoelectricity.

standard mark. Our manufacture spaces are kept warm with geothermal heating. The unavoidable kilometres we drive using a car that runs on methane. By choosing Ole Hyvä Luonnontuote (Welcome Nature Product) You join us in performing local genuine acts for ecology.

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