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Kaarna Living

Fair Furniture

Fair Furniture:

Our mission is to carefully design and manufacture furniture with respect for people, the environment and the materials used.

Our products are manufactured in a dignified environment with an innovative and minimal use of resources. All the while respecting our own freedom and creative expression.

Our products are manufactured in a dignified setting. We check the work site conditions and often know the artisans personally. It is also our responsibility to pay a fair price in order to guarantee a decent income for the laborers and their families.

We opt for sustainable and natural materials that are suitable for use both indoors and outdoors. It is our responsibility to create products with a long lifespan that – once their cycle is over – create the least possible strain on our environment.

The products that we are developing are preferably light in weight in order to reduce transport & energy costs.

We prefer not to use chemicals.

Our aim is to use sustainable packaging methods and create little waste.

We produce high quality products with a long service life and we prefer to work with natural, recycled or recyclable materials. If possible the chosen materials are obtained locally.

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