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Tiroir de Lou

Lou's values are the hand-made, the presence, the sustainable, the authentic. Strong values above all.

Lou creates all of her jewellery in her pretty workshop nestled in the heart of Brussels. So everything from Tiroir de Lou is handmade. Local. Authentic. Placing the core values first.

Handmade jewelry

Lou grew up with the boom in low-cost stores. She has consumed, too. A lot. And she has emptied her piggybank in these budget stores. Then there was a documentary. And then another. About what goes on behind the scenes of these monsters of fashion that are springing up like mushrooms in big cities all over the world. Lou has also understood that low-cost can also be a smokescreen. That these two words are often synonymous with poverty and suffering. Always more was overtaken by disgust.

Alongside this sudden awareness there is passion, too, of course. What Lou prefers to do above everything else is create. Working with her hands. Watching pretty things created by her nimble fingers. And seeing the eyes of her customers shine. For Lou, creating is like breathing. Pure, unadulterated happiness.

First came the desire to create. To blossom. This passion then encountered the world of ethical consumption. And over time, Tiroir de Lou was built along these two main lines..

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