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Forest bathing for the skin boosts the immune system on a daily basis.

Along with urbanization, the majority of people are no longer in daily contact with nature. This has prevented exposure to the beneficial microbes found in soil, resulting in an increase in various health and skin issues. Daily exposure to the forest is a natural way to strengthen the skin’s microbiome. In urban environments, the skin’s immune system is robbed of this natural boost.

Forest soils are proven to contain microbes that are beneficial for human skin and wellbeing. Exposure to these prevents and treats lifestyle-related diseases that are increasingly prevalent in the western world.
Moi Forest skincare products make the healing properties of forest bathing a part of daily life in the city.

Our high-quality products are made in Finland. They are natural cosmetics, vegan and carbon neutral. The products are cruelty-free. They are packed in recyclable cardboard tubes.

Exposure to microbes can be a good thing: walk in bare feet on the grass, let a dog kiss your face and jump in puddles! Also the forest dust in Moi Forest products has been developed to boost your microbiome.

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