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Kaarna Living

Minimal Haven by Kaarna Living

Minimal Haven is a collection of minimalist jewelry made from recycled gold in Finland. From every jewelry we donate 10 € for a different purpose. We wanted to create something beautiful, timeless and sustainable while at the same time helping people and nature.

Did you know that only 0.000001 percent of the ore obtained is gold? The remainder of the soil is rejected, often dumped directly into water ways. Every 42 seconds gold mining produces waste by the weight of the Eiffel Tower. In less than five days, the entire Paris could be covered with waste from gold mining. The bad practices of quarries will cause 20 tonnes of poisonous waste each year. These toxic wastes are due, among other things, cyanide and other toxic chemicals used in the enrichment process. All these poisons will remain after the gold has been separated from the ore.

The markets are full of cheap jewelry that are ruined after the first shower. We wanted something really durable and ecological as the material for our jewelry. That's why we chose recycled gold. Recycled gold jewelry made in Finland is an ethical and ecological investment.

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