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Kaarna Living

About us

We are here to give you better choices for your everyday life. We want to promote sustainable lifestyle and we are all the time shaping the collection to meet your needs - meaning we strive to offer you everyday essentials and classics. The collection is all about good and beautiful - longlasting (both materials and design), ethically made and ecological products.

Why the name Kaarna Living?

Kaarna is finnish and means the bark of a tree. Bark protects the tree in many ways, it is essential to the survival of the tree like skin is to us and it plays an important role also to other species in the forest ecosystem.

Kaarna symbolizes everything we do. We also want to protect in many ways, give you better products for your body, home and loved ones and raise awareness. You can always buy less but better!

Be the change with us <3

With love,
The Founder

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