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Helsinki Foundation

Land depletion is a common concern for many global citizens, but individually we lack the resources to make a large-scale impact.

The Helsinki Foundation was established after growing concerns about the ever-increasing footprint of man upon the world. The Foundation is a new and alternative way of conserving land permanently.

Under the Helsinki Foundation’s Greenspace Guardian program, the Foundation acquires ecologically significant nature areas from all over the world with donations received from individuals and corporations. The acquired land is divided into virtual Greenspaces. Donors become the Guardian of their chosen Greenspace, allowing them to name it on an interactive map. It is also possible to name a friend as a Guardian. Every Guardian maintains effective control over the land, with a right to veto proposed land use changes. Compared to other conservation methods, this gives each Guardian more influence over the area’s future.

Each Guardian receives the exact coordinates of their Greenspace, so that they can visit the land if they desire.

Why is the Foundation needed?

A government can do wonders with taxpayers’ money – and likewise, one billionaire can do a lot if she chooses to do so.
By joining forces, many individuals can achieve the same and more.
The Foundation is a vehicle to enable that to happen, and to legally bind the land for conservation.

Here you can conserve land:

And from us you can find products where we print your land's coordinates.

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