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HEMPEA was born in Northern Finland out of love for the Planet Earth, the greatest inspiration in our designs. The word hempeä means gentle, sweet and soft in Finnish.

Marja-Maija Valtonen, the founder of HEMPEA, is a nature-lover, wife and a mother. Marja-Maija lives and works in the woods way above the Arctic Circle in Inari, Finland. She loves to create new and explore the beautiful world around us. She loves to cherish each day and each moment.

HEMPEA ecological bed clothes and home textiles are made of 100 % European hemp. The products are designed and hand-made in Northern Finland.

HEMPEA uses always the highest quality hemp fabric that only gets softer and better over time. Hemp is a naturally ecofriendly material: no pesticides, no fertilizers and no irrigation is needed for its growth. Growing hemp improves soil quality and is an ideal crop rotation plant. The harvesting and processing of hemp is chemical-free. For dyeing of the fabrics only fiber-reactive, non-harmless dyes are used.

The chemical-free hemp is safe to use. Hemp fabric keeps you warm in cold winter nights but feels cool during hot summer days. Hemp as material is durable and biodegradable. The HEMPEA bed sheets, duvet covers, pillow covers and towels are luxuriously soft.

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