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Arctic Heather Shave Bar
Arctic Heather Shave Bar
15,00 €
6 pcs

Gentle organic shaving soap contains soothing arctic heather

Allow this soap’s soft foam to gently soften your skin. Bentonite clay helps to create a smooth surface on your skin, allowing your razor to glide effortlessly. Arctic heather is packed with anti-inflammatory properties and forest-scented essential oils help to soothe your skin post-shave. We’ve also added moisturizing organic coconut oil and shea butter to help soften dry skin. A great choice for men and women!

To use, lather the soap directly onto your skin or apply with a shaving brush.

This shave bar is gentle enough for daily use and also suitable for shaving the bikini area. Doesn’t make the skin dry. Always remember to use a fresh razor to avoid skin irritation or folliculitis.

Tip! It’s best to use a draining soap dish. If you leave the soap sitting in water, it will get soft and melt.

Did you know?
Arctic heather used in this soap comes from Kemijärvi, Lapland.

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