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KUULAS Gua Sha Jade roller
KUULAS Gua Sha Jade roller
KUULAS Gua Sha Jade roller
KUULAS Gua Sha Jade roller
30,00 €
5 pcs

The spikes of the Kuulas roller soften the matrix, improving fluid flow and circulation. Kuulas is suitable as a quick beauty fix, “pre-softener” before the actual gua sha treatment, or at the end of a treatment to seal a super glow on the skin. The Yin Your Skin® course members’ Facebook group includes an advanced treatment for making the most of a roller. The Kuulas roller is not suitable for sensitive skin or problem skin like acne, atopic skin, rosacea and perioral dermatitis.

A facial gua sha treats the whole body at the same time, as the impacts are transported via the fascia network. Gua sha is a holistic self-care method at its finest.

Facial gua sha creates an instant glow and strong vitality boost in a matter of minutes. As part of a regular self-care routine, facial gua sha gives your face a significantly more radiant, lifted and toned appearance. You don’t have to be a trained beauty therapist to enjoy the results of facial gua sha. With Yin Your Skin®, you can learn the methods quickly and get to see visible results in your own home spa.

Facial Gua sha is an effective treatment for aging skin that has long-term results, making it an excellent alternative to fillers and Botox. Instead of preventing signs of aging, the aim of facial gua sha is to make you a more vibrant and healthier version of yourself.

Effects of facial gua sha

Boosts skin circulation, so oxidized blood travels up to the surface layers of the skin to nourish tissues and skin cells
Boosts skin renewal
Invigorates lymph fluid circulation, removing puffiness on the face and under the eyes
Brightens and ”opens up” the eyes
Can reduce impurities
Can fade pigment spots
Improves collagen and elastin production
Fades fine lines and wrinkles and tightens saggy tissue
The features of the cheeks and jawline become more sculpted
Improves absorption of skincare products into skin

Facial gua sha is not recommended if you have

Damaged or infected skin
Rosacea, acne or perioral dermatitis (areas of the afore-mentioned symptoms should be left untreated, but you can treat skin below and around. Treating the neck and décolletage is actually beneficial if you have acne or rosacea.)
If fillers or Botox have been applied to the skin in the last three months
If you have blood clotting limitations
If you have aneurysm, thrombosis or advanced arteriosclerosis

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