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KORPIA Basic face yoga 5 min
KORPIA Basic face yoga 5 min
KORPIA Basic face yoga 5 min
KORPIA Basic face yoga 5 min
9,90 €

This “BASIC FACE YOGA” is all about getting hooked to KORPIA FACE YOGA. It includes six easy yet simple “do along” exercises that will make you glow inside out. When you practice daily you will find your skin looking healthier, more youthful and toned and your mind being less stressed out and calm. START NOW AND GET FOREVER LASTING RESULTS! That ́s what self-care is all about.

This package includes:

• ENDLESS ACCESS TO BASIC FACE YOGA video workout which includes 6 “do along” KORPIA FACE YOGA exercises plus two preparing exercises; 1 breathing exercise and 1 stimulating massage. The video can be seen through the link you will receive via email or through korpiafaceyoga - website by logging in.

• LINK AND PERSONAL PASSWORD TO WATCH THE VIDEO. These will be sent to you via email straight after the purchase.

• DIGITAL HANDBOOK which is a pdf document that you will find attached in the confirmation email after the purchase. This can be either downloaded to your device or printed out. The handbook includes basic info about face yoga; why, how and where to do it. It also has a written explanation of all the six KORPIA FACE YOGA exercise and preparing exercises (breathe + stimulating massage) that are performed in this workout. On top of the cherry, you will also find some useful KORPIA SKINCARE TIPS in this booklet.

• FOREVER LASTING RESULTS as the content of this package (pdf handbook + videos) stays with you forever. Just to remember to practice every day!


• Purchase the course by following the introductions.

• check out your email!

• Download, save and open the pdf handbook.

• Copy the password and open the link that are both presented on the first page of your pdf handbook. Type the password to the web page and access to the video.

• Read through the pdf handbook carefully

• Start your KORPIA FACE YOGA journey towards happier you!


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