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True Gum, biodegradable gum, raspberry & vanilla
True Gum, biodegradable gum, raspberry & vanilla
2,90 €
22 pcs

Most gum today is filled with petro-chemicals (plastics, to me and you), aspartame (an artificial sweetener), and BHA (a synthetic antioxidant).

We believe gum can be better. Therefore True Gum.

By only using the best quality ingredients, and combining those with a plastic free ethos, you get a gum that tastes great and is biodegradable at the same time.

Chicle gum base
Instead of using a traditional plastic-filled gum base, we use chicle base, which comes from the sap of the Sapodilla tree. The chicle sap is harvested sustainably, and no trees are cut down or harmed. It actually gives the local ‘chiceleros’ an incentive to protect and preserve the gum trees.

Plant based sweeteners
We use the low-calorie sweeteners stevia glycosides and xylitol. Stevia glycosides is a sugar substitute and originally derived from plant leaves, while xylitol originally is derived from birch.

All natural flavour
Nothing artificial goes into our gum, and our flavours are no different. Just real flavours from real ingredients, and this is never going to change.

Vegetable glycerin
To stop your gum from drying out, we add a bit of vegetable glycerine. Most glycerin used today comes from palm oil, but we do not want to contribute to deforestation of palm trees. In stead we only use rapeseed glycerin.

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