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Kaarna Living

When we talk about luxury, it’s not just about Champagne and stilettos.

It’s about the possibility to shop for quality goods, that are made in a sustainable way.

The new luxury is purchasing products purposefully, knowing they are made with the best raw materials, and that the people who made them have good conditions with regard to education, salary, human rights and last, but not least, with the highest level of craftsmanship and design.

The new luxury is discreet luxury – you do not need to “show off” – you just need to have the best quality available, a design, unique handicraft, a good feeling and the possibility to make your own choices.

At CARE BY ME we say: The new luxury has heart

When we talk design at CARE BY ME, we have core demands that the design must be long lasting, it should be done in the best material available, and it should only contain necessary elements.

Wherever we work, we choose the highest quality local product as much as possible. We only choose the best materials within its range. For cashmere this would be grade A quality. For cotton, it is only GOTS certified and working with Gauze, cotton poplin and spun cotton. For wool, linen and cashmere blends we only choose the best materials from Nepal.

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