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Kaarna Living

A sustainable fashion brand inspired by modern life, proposing garments that are consistent with an individual, more minimalist and conscious lifestyle. The minimalist and democratic design are only the surface over a serious commitment with sustainability and transparency of the manufacturing processes that are found in the heart of every product with the label Näz.


Cristiana was still in her master’s when she started developing and testing the brand in markets and fairs - after finishing her studies she understood that didn't want to work for an industry so dirty and based on exploitation - so she set a challenge, to make fashion in a more sustainable way.

What sustainability means to us Understanding that sustainability is a balance and that we can hardly produce something that doesn’t have any environmental impact , we are constantly looking for the best way to obtain local, raw and quality material, without generating more impact on the environment, and that has a positive social impact, inspired by the concept of circular economy, we created partnerships with Portuguese factories in order to develop new recycled products.

Here you can find Näz factories.

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