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Kaarna Living

Who is Pia?

Just wanted to tell you little bit about myself. I am the oldest daughter of four happy and vibrant sisters from a doctor dad and teacher mom. I have a loving and supporting husband who makes me laugh every day and two adorable children who keeps me busy. I’m not just a beauty passioned blogger but a skilled skin care expert, Nurse, entrepreneur, trainer and speaker and now a FaceYoga teacher who has worked in medical aesthetic industry for nearly 15 years now.

Why Face Yoga?

What if you could get fresh, toned and head turning skin with no down time straight from your own couch? KORPIA FACE YOGA gives you non-surgical facelift in a safe, effective and timesaving way. All you need is 11 minutes practise per day!

✔️ Teaches you to get rid of a habit of frilling your skin by relaxing the muscles

✔️ Builds up the muscle mass & volume just like any body training does

✔️ Boosts the collagen production and bone density by speeding up the blood circulation which brings food to the cells

✔️ Evens and brightens your skin tone by supporting cell turn over

✔️ Simply makes you feel more prettier and happy you

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