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Käsämä Cosmetics

Approximately 120 000 years ago, the last ice age known as Veiksel started to push glaciers over Northern Europe, including the area of modern day Finland. Over tens of thousands of years, periods of retracting and expanding ice alternated bringing the edge of the ice as far south as present day central Germany.

When the ice was in a retracting- melting phase, the melt waters brought with them particles of minerals caught up and ground extremely fine by the ice. These minerals were deposited beyond the edge of the glacier forming areas of silt and clay.

Since the end of the ice age when the ice melted away (approximately 20 000 years ago) deposits of pure natural clay have been lying, hidden in the mythical forests of Karelia for millennia, deeply absorbing the pure cleanliness of the pristine natural forests and lush marshlands.

From these forests in Karelia originates the spirit which set forth the creation of the Karelian folklore known historically as the Karelian and Finnish National Epoch, Kalevala, in the early 19th century. This is also the origin of the pure Käsämä clay.

The unique properties of clay have been known to the advanced societies of mankind for thousands of years. Its various uses range from building materials, to pottery, to crockery and cosmetic applications adopted by several indigenous peoples from hundreds to thousands of years ago.

Enriched with extract from Karelian cranberries and sea buckthorns to provide vital nutrients and vitamins, Käsämä clay brings a touch of the purest natural healing power within reach of modern day city dwellers in the world’s metropolises.

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